Tue. July 23, 2024

This tool is intended provide soccer leagues with an easy to manage scheduling system that supports easy to understand and searchable schedules and managable information for the administrators. All information is presented in a tabular format. Features and functionality are focused on the specific types of user or roles to minimize errant data changes.

For the coach or league participant:

  • Easily searchable schedules
  • Easy to understand standings
  • Printable schedules by team
  • Integrated mapping functionality to find your field

For the Scheduler:

  • Schedules can be uploaded easily from excel or csv templates
  • Matches can be manipulated after the fact without breaking the entire season
  • Multiple seasons can be presented at a single time
  • Seasons, fields, dates are all searchable criteria to easily focus on a specific portion of your schedules

For the Scorekeepers:

  • The 3-point, 9-point, and 10 point scoring systems are all supported
  • Sportsmanship point deductions can be made if your league uses that
  • Referee participation points can be entered if your league uses that
  • Scores can be ammended after the fact without breaking or needing to rebuild the schedule

For the Referee Administrator:

  • You are able to import a list of referees from a simple source such as excel or a csv file to preload that functionality and group without manual entry
  • You can manually enter, edit, delete or update key criteria for your referee staff
  • You can assign and unassign referees to matches
  • You can assign and unassign mentors to matches
  • You have an easy to understand visual presentation to manage and see progress or concerns for referee coverage
  • You can block key matches from being able to be selected by referee staff
  • You can export referee assignment reports based on date, field or division depending on your needs
  • Referee incidents reports use FIFA and USSF standard terms and reference the Laws of the Game
  • There is a simple incident report workflow allowing you to keep track of open and closed reports
  • You can block referees of concern from being able to make match assignments
  • You can encourage your referee staff to self assign to the match schedule

For the individual referee:

  • You have the ability to selectively assign yourself to matches
  • You can decline a match you have already accepted with an auto notification to the referee administrator
  • You can enter incident reports for continued management by the referee administrator
  • You can easily print your own report of your days referee assignments to take with you to minimize confusion

For the League Administrator:

This is a role based system allowing you to provide access to your key staff, but minimizing the risk that someone such as a scorekeeper could accidentally access and alter information entered by the Scheduler or Referee Administrator.


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